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Why do anything

One idea I always remind myself is I don’t need anything outside of me to be happy.

Not the hedonic happiness – they’re not real happiness anyway – but tranquility, being free from suffering, or “headspace”, a deeper sense of calm.

This idea distances myself from all the ego-driven activities and saves me from mental turbulence.

But if I can sit like a monk and feel content, why would I want to do anything?

The reason has to be for something bigger than myself.

It doesn’t mean I suddenly become an altruistic machine.

What it means is I try to do what interests me and what is good for others.

What interests me?

  • Having deep conversations with another human being
  • Walking in the woods, hearing the birds sing, watching clouds flow
  • Finding new perspectives to challenge my mind

What is good for others?

  • Create
  • Share
  • Help

But lots of things fall into these two categories.

There is a third piece to help me decide: how to be smart in doing them.

I’ll figure this out by doing, failing and learning.

(Thanks Derek Sivers for his post happy, smart, and useful.)