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Starting here

I’ve lived in the U.S. for six years but I feel like my brain has only been here for two years.

Two years ago I started reading almost entirely in English. The experience has been as profound, if not more, as stepping out of my home country for the first time and flying over the Pacific.

This sounds weird, but a lot of people live like what I used to. I doubt that the Chinatowns in major cities are expanding, but the virtual ones certainly are. It’s easy to stay in the comfort zone, living with the old style even though the environment changes.

I’m of no difference, but lucky enough to get addicted to news on NYTimes and WSJ when COVID-19 broke out (I know, I try to read less news now). Reading in English has opened up a much bigger world. It is the bigger world. The Internet is mostly in English.

I didn’t realize how amazing the Internet is until I started sending an email newsletter every week (in my native language). I get to know more people. They are remarkable people who I would never find in my daily life. It’s surprising that they also consume in English.

Then I ask myself, why not get my hands dirty and create some?

Once I start to think about it, a lot of doubts spring up – What if my English is not good? Should I take lessons before I start? Will people read my stuff?

I don’t think they matter. What matters is to do the work. Show up. Put in the reps.

So here am I, starting this blog.

I don’t know what will happen, but let’s find out.

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